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Building A Community and Beyond


A Caring Community

  • Mental Health is health.

  • Our vision is for a system that is affordable, accessible, comprehensive, and easy to navigate.

  • We must expand mental health services covered under OHIP and expand community based mental health services.

  • Underlying issues such as access to safe, affordable housing and meaningful employment are essential for our well-being and mental health.

  • Our vision is for an Ontario that cares for its people. 

  • We do not want a province where patients linger in hospital corridors waiting for care. 

  • As our population ages, health care costs are rising and very little has been done to prepare for the influx of what is now a provincial health crisis.

  • The tragedy of the Covid-19 pandemic has emphasized the importance of investing in the public health care system instead of cutting it by a hundred million dollars a year.

  • Ontario’s health care system was not prepared for COVID-19  and this public health crisis has exposed the massive gaps in how we care for each other.

  • We need to put more resources into clearing the surgery backlog as well as funding public health so Ontario is prepared for the next crisis.

  • Ensuring that the most vulnerable in our community are protected, should be every elected officials priority.


Long Term Care

  • COVID-19 exposed the lack of investment in LTC, resulting in a humanitarian crisis.

  • We need to restore dignity to our elders and be their voice

  • We need to commit to putting care and compassion over profits and begin phasing out for-profit long-term care homes.

  • Decades of neglect and cost-cutting from successive governments, coupled with Doug Ford’s weak pandemic response, resulted in a tragic humanitarian crisis across Ontario’s Long-Term Care homes.

  • Ford’s promised iron ring around LTC homes failed to materialise.

  • LTC residents cannot wait 4 years for 4 hours of care.

  • We need to look beyond just long-term care homes to models like ageing in place and home care.

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Truth and Reconciliation

  • Recognize and address the need for local access to culturally safe and linguistically appropriate health care for northern Ontario's Francophones and Indigenous Peoples.

  • Protect carbon-rich peatlands ahead of Ring of Fire mining as part of an ambitious and credible climate strategy.

  • Respecting and establishing Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas to achieve the international target of protecting 30% of lands and water in Ontario by 2030.

  • Address the lack of education for skilled trades in northern communities. 

  • Ensure that patients have equitable access to health care in their own communities.

  • Invest in broadband and connectivity to expand opportunity, access and economic participation for northern communities in Ontario.

  • Fund an Indigenouss-led housing strategy

  • The systemic discrimination and racism that Indigenous peoples face results in a violation of the most basic human rights, like access to clean water and shelter. 

  • Indigenous peoples also face racism in our medical, policing and education systems.

  • By working together and uplifting Indigenous voices, we can build a better society that addresses colonialism, systemic racism, white supremacy and oppression head on.

  • Today, and every day, we are fully committed to implementing the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

  • Indigenous Peoples are the original stewards of this land, and have extensive knowledge of how we can protect nature, water and care for each other and the planet.

  • Severe weather events will become more severe and frequent – disproportionately impacting those in more marginalized situations the most, including First Nations communities.

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