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Clean and Green

Shanta believes, when it comes to the environment, there is no "Plan B"


Keep Unionville Clean

I have always advocated for environmental preservation, and an integral part of how we achieve this is through our community litter cleanup program: Love Unionville. We have hundreds of incredible volunteers who collect waste in our village each spring and autumn. The cleanup allows for safe habitat for biotic and abiotic elements to live cohesively.

However, litter clean ups are certainly not an effective long-term solution to pollution. We need to focus on the root causes of litter, so that we can prevent it from entering our waterways in the first place. It is imperative that we collectively call for the government to enact laws that hold plastics producers accountable. Plastic pollution needs to be turned off at the tap, with the onus not on the end consumer. We know that we cannot recycle our way out of the pollution crisis. We need to transition to more sustainable and earth-friendly materials, eradicate throw-away culture, and shift to a circular economy.  We need to be environment stewards in ensuring that we provide the current and future generation a way to use our natural resources in a sustainable manner. A quote from Robert Baden-Powell resonates with me, "Leave this world a little better than you found it."

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