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Shanta Sundarason is the
March 2021

Out of all the initiatives I have run, none have made a more profound impact than PinkCars.

The people that I met, the stories that were shared, the gratitude, joy and love that was shown to us all will be something my team will carry with them forever.


2021 started off with hope as a COVID-19 vaccine was developed. Roll out quickly began however, hearing news after news detailing how the most vulnerable members of our society, those that were impacted the most by the pandemic, were struggling to get vaccinated to safeguard them from COVID.


As a result, I founded PinkCars, a volunteer organization, that would address the challenges seniors, and those more vulnerable in our community, faced when trying to get their COVID-19 vaccinations.

The registration for appointments started on March 1, 2021 and since then our team of volunteers have helped book thousands of appointments for seniors as well as drive them to and from their vaccination appointments.

Many seniors live alone, do not have the knowledge of booking an online appointment, have language barriers or have no access to transportation.

PinkCars was created to step in with immediate help. We had no idea the enormity of the need for our service when we first started, or the lack of support from the very officials we elected and who earn their salary from our tax dollars. It was a huge eye opener for many of us, but also the realization that in times of great need, there are so many beautiful souls amongst us. Individuals willing to give so selflessly of themselves, and for that, I will forever be touched by their grace and kindness.

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