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Shanta Sundarason's

plans for the community


Without good health, we have nothing.


Having run Pink Cars to help get thousands of seniors vaccinated during COVID, I have come to recognize the scarcity of medical personnel in our region.


So many people are without access to family doctors and having seen first hand a senior left on a gurney in a hospital corridor for 3 nights due to lack of beds is something I know we must address head on. 

I will use my voice and never take no for an answer,
to advocate for better systems, increase in medical staff and an increase in hospital beds to accommodate our ever increasing population.



Worked tirelessly as a resident to stop the horns of the GO trains in Markham. Ensuring everyone has access to transportation in a cost effective and timely fashion is a very important issue that a local government must focus on.

My next task is to work on improving and connecting local transit to the main hubs from across the City.




Our world is changing and climate change is starting to impact us all, no matter what we choose to believe. Increased fires and floods, melting ice caps, rising water levels and rising temperatures are all evidence of our planet's increasing heat.


We must change habits. I have been focusing on these issues with the hundreds of youth that I have mentored over the years in the not-for-profit organization I run.


I will work with our Region to help implement measures that will ensure we are insulated and protected from the ravages we are all encountering. But we must all take part in this together.



As our region is constantly growing in density. More and more is there a need for a more convenient and less-stress living. Having a city where one can work, live and play without stress and hassle of commuting is so important. Spending more time with family and friends and less time commuting creates a health work-life balance.


I hope to be able to advocate for balanced development, where residents can live, work and play within minutes of each other.

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