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Shanta's Story

Shanta lives in Unionville, she loves the community, the city, the province and the country, as we all do. From being a mentor to the youths in the community (she founded The Giving Tree Unionville) to honouring the indigenous Peoples (The Canadian Library), and from assisting senior citizens to receive their Covid-19 vaccinations (The Pink Cars), to stopping the unnecessary GO train horns in Markham (Stop the Horn), Shanta has never stopped working for our city, out of passion and dedication to make our lives better.


Plans for Markham and more

The reason for my running as a Regional Councillor for Markham

Simply put because I get things done.  And getting things done from within is what is going to make a difference to the community. Just look at my achievements to know that when I am elected, I will be able to do a lot more. 

My accomplishments -Stop the Horns! helped stop the GO train horns in Markham, PinkCars helped thousands of seniors get vaccinated, Markham Sews delivered 50,000 PPE items front line workers to the community members and much more.

The importance of embracing and championing diversity as a Regional Councillor

We are fortunate to live in one of the most diverse cities in Canada and as an individual from a multi-ethnic background (half English half Sri Lankan) with a fluency in Mandarin and Malay, I see my role as an ambassador of diversity in the city with a focus on ensuring diverse representation across all ethnic backgrounds. I speak the languages of the community.

My top 3 issues of priority for Markham

  1. Healthcare: To help ensure access for all to family doctors and increase hospital beds and medical personnel 

  2. Transit: Establish better transit connectivity 

  3. Sustainability: To further enhance climate change mitigation initiatives and to ensure access to safe drinking water for all.

If elected, I am committed to the following during the first 100 days as a Regional Councillor.

  1. Complete the silencing of the train horns on the last crossing in Markham 

  2. To have a list of available family doctors accepting patients made available 

  3. To have YRT commit to replacing the shuttles to all GO Stations that were removed during the pandemic.

Love what Shanta has done for us? Like her passion and planning, show support by volunteering or donating to the campaign.

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