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Slowing Down Climate Change

A New Economy that is Climate-friendly

  • One of the realities of a changing climate is a changing workforce. 

  • The pandemic has taught us many lessons and opened our eyes to new ways of working with thousands of Ontarians working from home or remotely with no need to commute.

  • As renewable energy becomes more common, the need for education, expertise and an experienced workforce will increase.

  • Our policies are designed to accommodate these coming changes and the benefits from a New Climate Economy as we transition from fossil fuels to renewables.

  • For this transition to be smooth, we need to provide the foundation for success in the form of affordable housing, retrofits on existing infrastructure, and retraining for jobs that, two years ago, didn’t even exist.. 

  • Billions of investor dollars are flowing into the clean tech space, the fastest growing sector on the planet. 

  • The number of green jobs created by this transition is an opportunity for Ontario to move from being a climate laggard to become a climate leader.

  • Our present government is not responding to the problems we are facing and shows little regard for the environmental impact of this “old school” approach.

  • The energy transition from burning fossil fuels to achieving net zero emissions is already underway.  

  • Ontario Greens can lead with initiatives that would employ thousands of skilled tradespeople and reduce home energy costs.

  • By investing wisely in the new economy, Ontario can become a leader in EV manufacturing, low pollution travel, energy efficient homes, sustainable forestry, and responsible mining; energy storage and networks.

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Renewables / Green Energy

  • We need to urgently phase out fossil fuels and invest in renewables instead

  • Doug Ford is taking us in the completely wrong direction on energy

  • Clean energy isn’t just the future, it’s the present: it’s cheaper, more feasible and more accessible than ever before. 

  • Ford is taking us backwards by embracing high cost, dirty sources of electricity including ramping up gas power plants — a move that will increase climate pollution by 300%.

  • It is simply wrong that we have a government so opposed to renewable energy, especially now that the price is so low.

  • We need to take urgent action to drastically reduce emissions to avoid the worst of the impending climate catastrophe

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