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Shanta Sundarason is the Vice President of

Unionville Villagers Association

From 2015 - Present


I have been a committee member of the UVA for several years now. As a non profit association of residents living in the heritage district of Unionville, Markham, our vision is to help maintain the history and heritage of the village and to improve our community through public education, engagement and representation.


Of the many initiatives that I champion, helping to educate our community on the importance of keeping our public spaces clean and green is one of my passions. Noticing that litter is a problem is the first step in taking action to create a cleaner, more sustainable planet. The next step is taking action. 


I have been taking this very action now for many years and have seen those that get involved create meaningful change and take pride in where they live.


I am also extremely passionate about history of Unionville and helping to share it and preserve what we have left. This is extremely important as it helps to tell the story of how of how the many communities that make Markham were created. 

Sadly there are some municipal representatives who feel the opposite and who will never support the protection of the heritage of our city and and believe that historic homes should be burnt down rather than preserved.

I shall fight that ignorance at every opportunity.

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