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Shanta Sundarason
Founder of
WE Care, York Region

March 2020

I have been a community activist for close to 10 years now, helping any and all that have reached out for support. Property issues, by-law issues, tree issues, social issues, green issues, housing issues and most of all, health related issues.

March 17, 2020 is a day we will all remember. This was the day in which Premier Ford declared a state of emergency against Covid-19.  As the world struggled with its battle to flatten the curve, it was matched by a deficit of personal protective equipment. Community of sewists, around the world, banded together, to sew face masks and other personal protective equipment to support and protect front-line workers and their loved ones. 

What started as a small Markham group of sewing enthusiasts quickly turned into a region wide sewing army.  Together we handmade and delivered over 50,000 urgently needed PPE items, all made with love.

Today our 'family' consists of hundreds of active volunteers all rallying together to help in any possible way.

WE Care - York Region continues as a community volunteer group to help in times of urgent need.

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